Sugar Brits'

Located in a suburban area near Paris (France), we want our cattery to be a small home-based one : our two British Shorthair, Chewy Toffee et Cofee Spoon, live with us and share our everyday life.

At first, Toffee joined us as a "couch cat". But, we fell so much in love with this breed  that we became eager to learn always more about British Shorthair. We ended up looking up for a second one, and maybe there'll be kittens. We had, of course, made sure that Toffee had enough potential to be a stud, the first stone of our cattery, thanks to judgments in exhibition show and chats with other breeders.

We've talked with the breeder from whom we had Toffee, who encouraged us in our choice. In fact, our little girl comes from the same cattery. The breeder was really comprehensive : Thank you so much, Sophie !

In 2009, we've experienced the joy and emotions of our first litter, from which we kept 3 kittens after a misadventure due to HCM test interpretations (Toffee's first results were positive but 8 months later, he was tested negative, interpretations confirmed by the HCM French specialist).
We invite you to read in the Health section our testimony written when we first thought our cat was affected. We still think it's important to be able to detect defectuous lines even though tests are sometimes hard to be interpreted.


We are particularly interested in working breeding British Shorthair with a tabby pattern and orange eyes. This pattern is not well-known by the general public and breeders, especially in France, don't really show much interest in this pattern. It is obvious that we aspire to breed cats close to the characteristics of the breed.

The British Shorthair breed offers a large variety of colours and patterns as the LOOF (French breed body) recognizes all colours for British shorthairs. We love the "tabby" pattern as it gives a wild look to our lovely and round British shorthairs. That's the reason why we wish to work these patterns and try to improve their visibility to the general public !

By the way, what is "tabby"? Tabby is the presence of the agouti hairs (hairs with bands of colour) among non-agouti hairs. Garfield is one of the best-known (from comics) cats with a tabby coat (a mackerel pattern) and with the M marked on his forehead (one of the tabby pattern characteristics).