Earl Grey

Earl Grey is our very first kitten as breeders, he's been staying at home like his sisters.

He loves food : glutton, he would do anything for food ! Nonetheless, like his father, he becomes a real purring machine (diesel engine mode) but also a motivated hunter when it comes to jumping and running after the play rod. However, I could not say he's not that agile...

He gets his well defined spottiess and a beautiful silver colour robe from his father. And like his mom, he just can't stand being left away from life's agitation but he knows exactly how to express it.

Identity Card

  • Information
    Gender : male (neutered)
    Date of Birth : 06/10/2009
    Colour : Black Silver Spotted Tabby
    Eyes: Gold
    Blood group : NC
    FIV / FELV test : NC
    PKD test : negative (parents tested negative by gen-test)

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