East Blue

East Blue, my little Blue, is also from our first litter.

Blue stands aside from the others, a bit like her mom, maybe because of her coat colour which makes her different from her siblings and parents. Sometimes a little shy, sometimes really affectionate, she loves playing. When it comes to play, she never fears facing the other cats.

Unlike her big brother, she's no glutton, reason why she's not very big (merely 3 kg).

Her coat is so soft and dense, maybe due to blue gene, it feels like heaven when she let us plunge into her coat.

Identity Card

  • Information
    Gender : female
    Date of Birth : 06/10/2009
    Colour : Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby
    Eyes : Orange
    Blood group : NC
    FIV / FELV test : NC
    PKD test : negative (parents tested negative by gen-test)
    HCM test (echocardiography) :
           04/27/10 : negative
           03/29/11 : negative 

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