Eye Candy

Candy, she's my little crush from our first litter, she's my little baby.

She wears perfectly her name, if Candy was a human being, she would be blonde (sorry, for the blondes) ! She is adorable, playful, with a lovely look but the one thing we can't say about her is that she's witty, however she knows how to get anything from me ! Unfortunately for me, she just adores my husband (she comes close anytime he calls her, really like a dog !)

I love her big eyes full of expressions and her round face, inherited from her dad, although she didn't get his size ! From her mom, she got a nice eye colour, a little nose, a well-balanced cobby body, round feet but also not that wonderful spottied. Nevertheless, I'm just fond of her look !

Identity Card

  • Information
    Gender : female
    Date of birth : 06/10/2009
    Colour : Black Silver Spotted Tabby
    Eyes : Orange
    Blood group : NC
    FIV / FELV test : NC
    PKD test : negative (gen-test)
    HCM test (echocardiography) :
            04/27/10 : negative
            03/29/11 : negative  
    07/20/13 : negative 
  • Pedigree
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