Cofee Spoon

Cofee Spoon is a brown spotted tabby British Shorthair. She joined us the day following my birthday, how wonderful gift it was !

Cofee Spoon, Spoonie as we call her, has a strong temperament and is always moaning : she knows exactly what she wants and how to make it perfectly clear to us !

Beyond her "i'm being the boss here" look, she can be also be affectionate.

She loves playing, cluking after birds and insects and begging for yoghourt. She's my little brat but I just love her for everything she is.

We are fond of her short but large nose, her big copper eyes, her coat, her well-balanced cobby body...

Identity card

  • Information
    Gender : female (neutered end 2009)
    Date of birth : 11/09/2007
    Colour : Brown Spotted Tabby
    Eyes : Orange
    Blood group: A
    FIV / FELV test : negative (blood test)
    PKD test : negative (gen-test)
    HCM test (echocardiography) : 09/04/09 : negative
  • Pedigree

Show results

  • Ath 2009 :
    • Sunday, 1st March : CACIB, Spoonie becomes International Champion
  • Baltard 2009 :
    • Saturday, 24th January : CACIB
    • Sunday, 25th January : CACIB, nominated BIS in the "spéciale British/Scottish"
  • Bourges 2008 :
    • Sunday, 30th November : CAC, 4th best British/Scottish
  • Chartres 2008 :
    • Saturday, 11th October : CAC
    • Sunday, 12th October : CAC, Best Variety, nominated Best In Show
  • Gagny 2008 : 6/10 month category in traditionnal judgment et kitten category in TICA judgment
    • Saturday, 28th June : Excellent 1, nominated Best In Show
    • Sunday, 29th June : Excellent 1
    • TICA two days : 8th best kitten of the show